The Big Move


The Big Move LogoThe Big Move is a 25-year, $50-billion plan for coordinated and integrated transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Its vision, goals and objectives are rooted in creating for the GTHA a high quality of life, a thriving, sustainable and protected environment, and a strong, prosperous and competitive economy.

The Big Move plan will triple the length of rapid transit service in the GTHA to 1,725km; increase the percentage of people living within two kilometers of rapid transit to 81%; reduce commute times to an average of 77 minutes per person per day; and decrease greenhouse gas emissions from passenger transportation per person by 29%.

Work is underway on several projects. More than $16 billion in investment of the $50-billion Big Move vision has been committed to and visible improvements and signs of progress can be seen all over the GTHA.

The Eglinton Crosstown is one of the first priority projects to be built, with an investment of $5.3 billion (2010$).

Assembly and launch of Tunnel Boring Machine
The Eglinton Crosstown is one of the priority projects of Metrolinx’s Big Move transportation plan.