Construction Notice - Laird Station - Update Monitoring Point Installs and Readings

mai 14, 2018

UPDATE: Monitoring Equipment Installations and Readings at

Laird Station


  • As part of the ongoing construction works for the future Laird Station, readings from above ground and in-ground monitoring points will take place frequently in the vicinity of Eglinton Ave and Laird Drive.
  • Monitoring points are located on Eglinton Avenue from Sutherland Drive to Brentcliffe Drive and on Laird Drive between Eglinton Avenue and Parklea Drive.
  • Installation of a number of in ground monitoring instruments will also take place over the next few months on Eglinton Avenue between Laird Drive and Sutherland Drive and between Laird Drive and Brentcliffe Drive.  



  • The installations and readings will occur periodically for duration of the project.
  • For installation work, occupancy of the roadway is permitted between 9am to 4pm on arterial roads and 7am-8pm on local roads.
  • Readings that require lane closures are not permitted from 7am to 9am or from 4pm to 6pm.



  • When monitoring point installation is underway, pylons are used to direct pedestrians and traffic.
  • Pedestrians are rerouted around the locations that are on or near sidewalks.
  • One lane is closed in the area where the installation is occurring to accommodate the required equipment.
  • Reading crews move from instrument to instrument and may be present at each site from 5 minutes to an hour.  
  • Each monitoring point installation process takes anywhere from one hour up to a few days, depending on the type of installation.
  • For installations, nearby residents and businesses can expect to hear noise related to drilling, saw-cutting, hydro-vaccing, and the use of heavy equipment.