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August 24 2016

Demolition of 1 Hollis Street

 Information as of August 24, 2016

August 24 2016

Overnight Subsurface Utility Engineering Investigation at Kennedy Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Utility investigation work onsite within TTC land at Kennedy Station and Transway Crescent continues to determine the location and depth of existing utilities. 

Upcoming Utility Investigation

Crews will drill and hydro-vacuum overtop of existing utilities within the TTC boulevard and roadway, then a surveyor will examine the utilities to obtain coordinates for design purposes.  Read more »

August 24 2016

Geotechnical Works continue along Eglinton Avenue East

What work is starting?

  • In February 2016, crews began conducting geotechnical works along Eglinton Avenue East to make way for the future Eglinton Crosstown LRT. 
  • As geotechnical works continue crews will drill boreholes in the roadway along Eglinton Avenue East between Brentcliffe Road and Midland Avenue to determine the condition of existing asphalt, soil and rocks. 

What to Expect

August 19 2016

Decommissioning of Launch Shaft Site at Allen Road

Beginning in the mid-August, crews will be removing concrete surface pads and site facilities as part of the decommissioning of the Launch Shaft site at the northeast corner of Eglinton Avenue and Allen Road. Read more »

August 17 2016

Watermain Replacement for Science Centre Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Installation of a new watermain on Eglinton Avenue East just east of Don Mills Road.


Pending a City of Toronto permit, work is expected to begin as early as August 26, 2016, and will continue for approximately up to two weeks. Work could be rescheduled due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. Read more »

August 16 2016

Long-term Closure of Rawlinson Avenue at Eglinton Avenue East

What work is Taking Place?

  • Rawlinson Avenue will be closed at Eglinton Avenue East to provide a construction laydown area to support work at the future Mount Pleasant Station.
  • The closure will not restrict access to driveways along Rawlinson Avenue.
  • The laydown area will include trailer office space, facilities, and material and equipment storage.

Timing Read more »

August 15 2016

Update: Mount Pleasant Crosswalk Re-opened Demolition Work Continues


As a response to community request, Metrolinx and its constructor, CTS, have redesigned the pedestrian crosswalk staging around the demolition site on the northwest corner of the Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East intersection. Pedestrians are now safe to use all crosswalks.

What work is Taking Place? Read more »

August 12 2016
August 11 2016

Eglinton Closure and Detour for Road Deck Repair: Saturday, August 27 from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What Work is Taking Place? 

As construction continues on the emergency exit building near Leaside High School, Eglinton Avenue East is required to be temporarily closed between Donlea Drive and Hanna Road, in order to remove and replace existing road decking.

Timing Read more »

August 11 2016

Update: Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Investigation continues at Kennedy Station


What Work is Taking Place?

In June 2016, crews began SUE investigation in the vicinity of Kennedy Station along Eglinton Avenue East between Kennedy Road and Midland Avenue, including North Service Road, to determine the location and depth of existing utilities. 

This work continues, and similar work will begin at Transway Crescent and South Service Road. 


Upcoming SUE Investigation Read more »