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February 042018

Resumption of Telecommunication Utilities Relocation: Eglinton Square to Birchmount Road

What Work is Taking Place?

  • Crews will resume the relocation of existing telecommunication lines along Eglinton Avenue East, between Victoria Park Avenue and Birchmount Road.
  • Telecommunication lines within utility chambers as well within pre-existing duct banks will be relocated in preparation for surface stop construction.

Hours of Work

  • Work began late October 2017 and will begin again a
February 022018
February 022018

Overnight Monitoring Installations Around the TTC Eglinton West Station Bus Loop - February 2 to February 4


Geotechnical monitoring instruments are installed in the vicinity of the station construction to monitor the ground conditions as construction is underway. 

Monitoring instruments are regularly checked to measure any movements of the ground and assess if there is a need for additional measures.  Read more »

February 022018

Overnight Work at Oakwood Station


Over the next month, a number of construction activities will take place overnight at Oakwood Station.

 Work will be completed overnight to minimize disruption to traffic, pedestrians and TTC services. Read more »

February 012018

Truck Staging Lane at Mount Pleasant Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning as early as February 3, 2018, two (2) truck staging lanes will be implemented in the center lanes of Eglinton Avenue East between Forman Avenue and Petman Avenue (see map below).

The lanes will be used to stage construction vehicles to facilitate work at the future Mount Pleasant Station.

Upcoming Traffic Stage

Read more »

January 302018

Preparation for Facility Services Building Construction at Eglinton Station

Originally Published: January 30, 2018

Updated: February 6, 2018

Updated: February 8, 2018

Updated: February 9, 2018

What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning February 10, 2018, work will get underway in preparation for the construction of a Facility Services Building for the TTC Line 1 Subway system (pictured below). Read more »

January 252018

Recommencement of Overnight Sanitary Sewer Relocation at Brentcliffe Portal Jan. 29 to Feb. 1 from 9pm to 5am

Eglinton Avenue East Lane Closure between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street

What Work is Taking Place?

Crews will complete the relocation of an existing sanitary sewer line on Eglinton Avenue East between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street to support the upgrade of existing infrastructure at the future Brentcliffe Portal and Sunnybrook Park Stop. Read more »

January 252018

Traffic and Pedestrian Changes at Fairbank Station - February 2018


In late January, piling on the north side of Eglinton Avenue West will be complete and crews will move to the south side of Eglinton Avenue West to begin support of excavation activities, including piling, shallow excavation and roof slab construction.  This work will take place in several stages over a period of approximately eight (8) months.  In late 2018, crews will return to the north side of Eglinton Ave W to complete shallow excavation and roof slab construction. Read more »

January 252018

Temporary Pedestrian Change at Fairbank Station


  • To accommodate wet utilities work on the southwest corner of the intersection, a change to the pedestrian crossing at Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West has been implemented.  
  • The south crosswalk is closed and the west, east and north crosswalks are open.  
  • The temporary condition will be in place for approximately one (1) week.  
  • Upon completion, the south sidewalk will be reinstated and the east crosswalk will be closed again.

DETAILS Read more »