Brentcliffe Portal – Next Steps


At the eastern tunnel entrance at Brentcliffe Road, work is ramping up to transform the site into the transition point between the underground and surface portions of the line. 

The tunnels are complete, and now work turns to building the tunnel entrances, and preparing for the new road alignment. At present, there’s approximately 227 metres of piling and digging to go! Once that area is excavated, two box tunnels will be built to form the entrances. Eglinton Avenue will then be realigned to split over the box tunnels, allowing the trains to exit the tunnels in the middle of the road, in their own dedicated right-of-way.

The Brentcliffe Portal “Launch Shaft” as of May 2017

“We’ll start by backfilling below the future structure,” says Carolina Perez-Gonzalez, Design Coordinator for the Brentcliffe Portal. “After that, it’s a pretty standardized process; starting at the east end of the shaft, we place slabs down, then the walls, and then the roof. The work on the Brentcliffe Portal will be completed as early as 2019, and work on the final configuration of the roadway will be completed by fall 2021, re-opening all four lanes of traffic.” 

Rendering of the completed, operational Brentcliffe Portal site