Improving wet utility infrastructure at Fairbank Station


As part of the Crosstown’s stations construction, our crews need to work around existing underground utilities or relocate them, so construction activities do not interfere with essential services. In some cases, this leads to upgraded infrastructure for area residents and businesses.

For example, at the intersection of Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West, crews must replace and relocate two watermains and a storm sewer in order to build the new Fairbank Station.

Utility Relocation

“Our crews have already installed two new permanent valves at Vaughan Road and on Dufferin Street north of Eglinton to ensure there is no interruption to customers’ water service during the relocation work,” said Sebastien Lagourgue, assistant project manager for Fairbank Station. “Once the design of the new infrastructure is finalized, we will begin to reroute the underground pipe.”

The utilities work at Fairbank is expected to take approximately four to six months to complete. 

Once completed in 2021, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line will provide faster transit service to the community, creating connections to other parts of our city. In the meantime, improved watermains and storm sewer will certainly be a nice perk for residents and businesses in the area.