Understanding Utility Relocation – the Big First Step


Before we can start building a station, we need to understand the underground world of utilities. There are many utilities in the Eglinton corridor, and we need to work around them or relocate them before we can begin excavation and underground work.

While each station site has different conditions, in many instances there are gas, hydro, water and sewer, cable, fiber and telephone lines that need to be diverted away to ensure safe excavation. There are some locations where overhead utility infrastructures need to be relocated as well. This can mean upgraded services for residents and businesses in certain areas where there are old utility infrastructures that need to be replaced.

To ensure the work can be done safely, utility relocation requires our crews to set up work zones including fencing and concrete traffic control barriers, which can lead to lane reductions and sidewalk closures. Utility relocation can take just a few hours, weeks or even months depending on the location and amount of work required. In addition, work like hydro utility relocation may result in power outages for a short duration of time.