Sewer upgrades during Crosstown station construction


Crosstown construction comes with some add-on infrastructure perks  ̶  like upgrades to existing sewers along some sections of Eglinton. At Laird, Avenue and Oakwood Stations, local storm and sanitary sewers will be lined in the vicinity of the construction sites prior to mining works. Sewer lining is a process that increases the durability of the sewers – a great improvement for the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Sewer Bypass at Laird Station

There are a couple of steps to sewer lining work

  1. First we clean and measure the sewer sections using a robotic crawler and closed circuit camera. 
  2. During the liner installation, we install above ground pipes between maintenance hole bypass pump around the sewer lines – so the sewers continue to function. 
  3. After preparatory works have been completed, we insert a liner into the sewer section from within the maintenance holes. The liner is a flexible membrane that is placed inside the sewers.

By using the lining method, we can eliminate the need for excavation of the entire sewer section. This helps us to minimize the disruption to the surrounding communities and businesses. However, the materials used to make sewer liner have a bittersweet smell, which can be detected around maintenance holes and sometimes in homes. This can be minimized by covering floor drains while the sewers are being re-lined.  

There may also be short periods during the work when local residents will be advised to refrain from water usage. We will provide notices 24 hours in advance to residents who are directly affected by the work. We time water interruptions to occur overnight to reduce the impact to local residents as much as possible.

These activities take approximately three days for each sewer section. At Laird Station, sewer lining activities will take place throughout September 2017, and the same activities will take place at Avenue and Oakwood Stations later this fall.