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Month: October 2023

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa via train lasts approximately 2 hours, spanning a distance of about 110 miles (178 km). Usually, four trains operate on the Montreal to Ottawa route, with ticket prices starting at $68 when booked in advance.
Opting for a high-speed train enables you to cover the Montreal to Ottawa distance in just 2 hours, making it an excellent choice for travel. Apart from being one of the fastest means of transportation, train travel is known for its comfort.
All trains on this route are modern, efficient, safe, and well-equipped. The VIA Rail express trains take about 2 hours to reach the destination …

For the journey from Quebec to Montreal, there are typically 3 trains per day, with tickets starting at $105 when booked in advance. The train ride takes just over 3 hours and 11 minutes and covers a distance of 167 miles (269 km).
You can then embark on a journey from Montreal’s cosmopolitan urban ambiance to the enchanting Quebec City which is steeped in captivating history.
Experience the modern express train, ensuring safety and comfort in every aspect. The direct express train takes less than four hours to reach the destination and provides both economy and business classes for passengers.
Train Classes …

The journey from Montreal to Quebec via train takes around 3 hours and 31 minutes, spanning approximately 167 miles (269 km). Typically, there are 3 trains per day for this route, with ticket prices starting at $105 for advance bookings.
Here, you can embark on a voyage from Montreal’s cosmopolitan urban atmosphere to the enchanting Quebec City, rich in historical tales.
The modern express train ensures a safe and comfortable journey by offering both economy and business classes. Covering the distance in less than four hours, this direct train provides a swift and enjoyable travel experience.
Train Classes …

Planning a trip to Canada? Consider a train ride from Toronto to Montreal.
You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s most spectacular attractions. The high-speed rail connection between these iconic cities allows you to reach your destination in just five hours, making it a convenient and scenic journey.
Train Classes Available
VIA typically provides two classes of service on its Toronto to Montreal trains: Economy class and Business class. Here are their key distinctions:

Economy Class – Offers total comfort at an affordable price, suitable for both work and leisure travel….

The journey from Montreal to Toronto via train covers approximately 332 miles (535 km) and takes an average of 5 hours and 7 minutes. There are typically 6 trains per day for this route, and booking in advance can secure tickets starting from $123.
Embarking on this scenic train ride with VIA Rail Canada provides you with a delightful way to experience the charm of Canada.
The journey offers excellent onboard service, and during the trip, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Ontario Lake, adding to the overall experience of this picturesque route.
Train Classes Available
Trains from Montreal to Toronto, which …