February 21, 2024

Planning a trip to Canada? Consider a train ride from Toronto to Montreal.

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some of Canada’s most spectacular attractions. The high-speed rail connection between these iconic cities allows you to reach your destination in just five hours, making it a convenient and scenic journey.

Train Classes Available

VIA typically provides two classes of service on its Toronto to Montreal trains: Economy class and Business class. Here are their key distinctions:

  • Economy Class – Offers total comfort at an affordable price, suitable for both work and leisure travel.
  • Business Class – Ideal for convenient travel, providing access to power outlets for charging laptops and other advantages.

However, Business class may not be available on certain Saturday and Sunday departures.

Travel from Toronto to Montreal via VIA Rail Express

VIA Rail Express trains offer a range of services, including access to a dedicated entertainment network and free WiFi.

You can purchase meals and snacks made with Canadian ingredients. The train journey is equipped with various activities for children, and restrooms are available on every train.

Moreover, health checks are conducted at the beginning of each trip, involving a simple health questionnaire and a physical examination before boarding.

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