February 21, 2024

For the journey from Quebec to Montreal, there are typically 3 trains per day, with tickets starting at $105 when booked in advance. The train ride takes just over 3 hours and 11 minutes and covers a distance of 167 miles (269 km).

You can then embark on a journey from Montreal’s cosmopolitan urban ambiance to the enchanting Quebec City which is steeped in captivating history.

Experience the modern express train, ensuring safety and comfort in every aspect. The direct express train takes less than four hours to reach the destination and provides both economy and business classes for passengers.

Train Classes Available

VIA typically offers two classes of service from Quebec to Montreal: Economy and Business. The features vary depending on the chosen class.

Economy Class is affordable and provides great comfort for passengers. Meanwhile, Business Class offers the most convenient option for work or leisure travel.

It’s important to note that Business class may not be available on specific Saturday or Sunday departures.

Travel from Quebec to Montreal via VIA Rail Express

VIA Rail Express Trains offers a comprehensive range of services. Meals and snacks served on these trains feature Canadian ingredients whenever possible.

Restrooms are available on all VIA Rail trains, and various activities are provided for children. Passengers can enjoy a dedicated entertainment network and access free WiFi onboard.

Before boarding, passengers undergo health checks where employees observe for signs of illness and ask simple health questions.

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