February 21, 2024

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa via train lasts approximately 2 hours, spanning a distance of about 110 miles (178 km). Usually, four trains operate on the Montreal to Ottawa route, with ticket prices starting at $68 when booked in advance.

Opting for a high-speed train enables you to cover the Montreal to Ottawa distance in just 2 hours, making it an excellent choice for travel. Apart from being one of the fastest means of transportation, train travel is known for its comfort.

All trains on this route are modern, efficient, safe, and well-equipped. The VIA Rail express trains take about 2 hours to reach the destination station.

Train Classes Available

VIA Rail typically provides two classes of service on its trains from Montreal to Ottawa: Economy and Business. The features of each class vary.

  • Economy Class – Offers comfort at an affordable price.
  • Business Class – The most convenient option for both business and leisure travelers, providing a delicious meal, power outlets for laptop charging, and additional benefits.

Travel from Montreal to Ottawa via VIA Rail Express

VIA Rail plays a vital role in connecting Canadian cities and people through safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly transportation. The services offered on VIA Rail trains include:

  • Free WiFi and Dedicated Entertainment Network – Passengers can enjoy complimentary WiFi and access to a dedicated entertainment network.
  • Canadian-Made Snacks and Meals – Snacks and meals served on VIA Rail trains are crafted with Canadian ingredients.
  • Children’s Activities – VIA Rail provides a variety of activities to keep children entertained during the journey.

Health and safety measures are prioritized, with employees conducting health checks before allowing passengers to board. This includes asking simple health questions and checking for visible signs of illness.

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