February 21, 2024

Traveling from Ottawa to Toronto by train takes approximately 4.5 hours, covering a distance of about 275 miles (444 km).

Tickets for this route start at $121 when booked in advance, and there are five trains available daily.

The journey offers scenic views of Ontario Lake, forests, and other natural beauties as you travel from Canada’s capital, Ottawa, to the multicultural city of Toronto, known for its diverse attractions and unique offerings.

Train Classes Available

Trains from Ottawa to Toronto, which are operated by VIA Rail, typically offer two classes of service: Economy and Business.

Each class comes with different amenities.

Economy class provides an affordable and reasonably comfortable travel experience. On the other hand, Business class is the preferred choice for those traveling for business or pleasure, as it offers additional perks such as a delicious meal, laptop charging outlets, and more.

Travel from Ottawa to Toronto via VIA Rail Express

VIA Rail Express trains provide a comprehensive range of services for passengers. All travelers have access to a dedicated entertainment network and free WiFi. Canadian-made snacks and meals are available on board.

Children can engage in various activities during the journey, and restrooms are conveniently located on each train.

Furthermore, basic health checks are conducted by employees before passengers are allowed to board, checking for visible signs of illness and asking simple health-related questions.

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